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MSU Elections March 2019 - Nominations Open

WHAT POSITION WOULD SUIT YOU? During the Elections that take place on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th March students will elect for 3 different types of position:Full-Time Executive Officers: There are 4 Full-Time Officer positions available. These are full-time paid positions so...

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Student Housing Town Hall

What is a Town Hall Meeting?When pressing issues affect the student body, MSU can organise a Town Hall meeting with the aim of engaging students and providing them with the opportunity to discuss topic on campus with the players involved...

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We're All Ears #2: Settling In

1. INTRODUCTION & OBJECTIVE Student opinion is at the heart of MSU’s work planning and enhancement processes and is integral to informing how the Union can improve the quality of everything they do. Student surveys form a robust statistical evidence base...

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Your Housing Issues

The on-going housing crisis in Ireland has had a significant impact on third-level students. In light of this, MSU rolled out a survey as part of our 'We're All Ears' initiative to find out more about the effects it has...

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Better Check Than Regret

STI testing: WE WANT YOU TO BE SAFE AND CHECK Sexual Health is just as important as Physical and mental health. Here at MSU we want you to feel safe when discussing and learning about your sexual health. Sometimes considering an...

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