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About Us


Maynooth Students’ Union is an organisation that is independent from the University and represents the students of the National University of Ireland Maynooth, St Patricks college Maynooth and their associated campuses across Ireland. Together we are a body of over 9,000 students with the numbers rising every year. We answer solely to the Student body. Every year the student body elects officers to work on their behalf for the year ahead. MSU has four full time officers and eight part time officers to work on your behalf for the year.

The four sabbatical officers and eight executive members are elected students and aim to both individually and collectively continue in fighting against fees, aiding in education matters, welfare issues, providing the best student events and protecting the overall student experience and rights on each of their campuses.

The four sabbatical officers include:

  • President
  • Vice president for Welfare and Equality
  • Vice president for Education
  • Vice president for Clubs, Societies and Student Engagement

Executive and part time officers include:

  • Irish language and cultural affairs officer
  • Arts, Celtic studies and philosophy representative
  • Social science representative
  • Kilkenny campus representative
  • Science and engineering representative
  • Froebel representative
  • Newspaper Editor
  • Promotions Officer
  • St. Pats representative
  • First year representative
  • Postgraduate representative
  • Mature representative




The SU is run by the President and elected Officers together with the Administrative Management Team of the SU and its Commercial Interests. We meet to-gether as a team on a frequent basis to manage all the operational and administrative affairs of the SU.

The officers’ work on the issues relevant to their remits as stated in the constitution and aim to complete the tasks they set out in their manifestos. We also work together as a team to collaborate on bigger University and college events. We also deal directly with students on a day to day basis and maintain an open door policy for all students to avail of.



We are here as a separate entity from the University and College to find out first-hand what students needs are in order for the SU to support these needs. We also provide support in regards to education and welfare. MSU also organises student based events during the year to get students involved in social aspects of college life such as quizzes concerts and Clubs and Societies based activities. 

We persistently endeavour  to make students love their experience here through our countless events, work with clubs and societies and campaigns for the betterment of your welfare, education, access, equality and more! We know that the student base is thriving with energy, passion and intellect! Students are an invaluable force and we seek to help them engage in the areas that interest them through clubs, societies and our many campaigns. 

Our Union’s slogan is; ‘to add colour to your experience with MSU’. In order to do that, we want you to use what we provide to your advantage. We want you to make the most of your time here and through our services you have the perfect platform to do that!



Maynooth Students Union aims to make the lives of its members better by providing opportunities such as sports clubs and societies, advice and support services on issues such as accommodation and coursework and student-friendly commercial services and the bar on campus.

The Students’ Union exists to represent students’ interests both within the University and the wider community and campaigns on relevant local, national and international issues. The Students’ Union is a charitable organisation and its direction is democratically determined by its members, the University’s students. We carry out research to find out what students think of us and to assist in our campaigning and lobbying.

As well as representation, the Students’ Union provides a variety of services to help students through university life, including welfare and academic advice, our work with clubs, our social, cultural and political societies and commercial services such as bars, cafes, student spaces and shops.



O               DEMOCRATIC

We are student-led, member-focused and representative.

O               INDEPENDENT

We are the independent voice of Maynooth students.

O               ETHICAL

We are fair, principled and environmentally sound.

O               FUN

We are friendly, vibrant and entertaining.

O               INFORMATIVE

We are supportive, knowledgeable, responsive and useful.

O               ENRICHING

We help students develop, we nurture their aspirations.

O               ACCESSIBLE


Maynooth Students’ Union represents all Maynooth University students. As a student, you are central to deciding how the organisation is led and the priorities we commit to achieve.



Each year we give you the chance to vote in our annual Officer elections; our four successfully elected Officers are paid a salary, work full-time within Maynooth SU and are responsible for the day to day running and decision making. As you may have garnered, last years successfully elected candidates are Ben, Eric, Siona and Andy! We give you the opportunity to not only vote, but to stand for election yourself if you have great ideas and think you would make a good Officer - any student can do this at any time during their course!

You can also stand for election as one of our Union of Students in Ireland (USI) Delegates. These positions represent MU students at the National Congress each April.




You can contact your Maynooth SU Sabbatical Officers at any point during the year, check out their contact details here. They have been elected to represent you and welcome suggestions on improvements that could be made to students’ experiences of the University, Union or wider student life in the City. If you think there should be a campaign on a particular issue that affects students – then suggest it here.



We are here from 9:30 to 5:30 every day so don’t hesitate to call in, nab a cup of tea and have a sit down with one of our available officers! The likelihood is you won’t always find the officer you need with the hectic schedule of an officer consisting of wall to wall meetings and activities but communicate in advance if you want an appointment just to be sure!We are diverse, welcoming, tolerant and inclusive.

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