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My name is Aoife, I'm 22 years young, I've just finished my Bachelor of Music undergraduate degree and I'm a Kildare Gal born and bred! This year I am your Vice President for Welfare and Equality.

My role is to be a listening ear to all students of Maynooth University and Saint Patricks College Maynooth, to represent students both within the university and on a National level and of course to run some unreal campaigns!

This year I hope to get to know as many of ye amazing Maynoothians as I possibly can, so here's 5 things you may or may not know about me:

1) I LOVE tea (Barrys or Lyons I don't discriminate).
2) Being creative is my thing, did my pink hair give that away? 
3) As well as having music from a young age I have worked in a stage school and as a face-painter for many years.
4) I LOVE food, all kinds of food, but anything with bacon or eggs and I'm ESPECIALLY happy!
5) I only started watching game of thrones last year, I know- shock horror! Yes I have watched all seasons to date and yes I binge watched them in a week!

I decided to run for Vice President of Welfare and Equality because I wanted to make a difference. I have always been told I'm a bit of a momma bear, who listens and helps when needed. So I believe this position will be the perfect fit.

I have an bunch of plans for this year but one of my main goals is to raise awareness and to help Maynoothians improve every aspect of their own well-being, as the saying goes, your health is your wealth!

Most Importantly I am here for you. Whatever is on your mind, I'm here to support you, listen and help in every and any way I can no matter what you're going through. Never hesitate to contact me either via email or Facebook!

Aoife - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Facebook Profile Page

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