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Sexual Health

Let’s talk about sex baby 

For many, sex can be a very enjoyable experience. For others, it can be unfamiliar and anxious. However, the most important thing is to not to be afraid to be informed. So here are things you should know and some useful links.


Safety is Sexy!

There are SO many different forms of sexual protection, whatever your gender or orientation. Prevention is better than the cure so make sure to have a form of protection with you and if you can’t get your hands on some? Pop over to Aoife (VP Welfare & Equality) in the Students' Union where I have all forms of protection, for free. Don't be shy!


You hear STI and think, sure that will never happen to me? They are more common than you think, that’s why it’s super important to use protection and also to get regular STI checks.


N.O. spells no!

It can all be brought down to one word...Respect. Having respect for the other person(s),having respect for yourself, your body and what you want are all vital to an enjoyable experience.


Saying No to something that you aren’t into is TOTALLY the right thing to do. No matter how far into it you’ve gone, No matter if you change your mind, make sure to communicate and respect your body and your boundaries.



Useful Links:

Maynooth University Health Centre:

Protection: Think


Free STI clinics in Ireland:

What to expect at an STI clinic:

Consent and Sexual Relationship:

All your Sexual health queiries:



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