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SU Facts

Did You Know

In the last year our Union:

           Employed over 50 students.

           Regularly featured student acts at our venues.

           Brought PUPPIES in to relieve stress!

           Brought out a boardgame for our students!!! #Maynoothopoly

           Handed over a cheque of €21,000 to SOSAD (save our sons and daughters), a figure achieved by numerous activities held by clubs, societies and the Union.

           Passed a referendum altering the way the Union works.

           Sold out the Beach party in 30 minutes.

           Sold out all Freshers week events.

           Had COOLIO, The Original Rudeboys, Cascada, Sandro Silva, DJ Rankin, Neil Delamere, David O Doherty and more perform at our venue.

           Got a new logo! New Slogan! New everything!!!

           Had a very busy bar!

           Had personalised sweets made just to ensure happy faces during troubling exam times.

           Covered the SU in beach balls, palm tress and 30 tonnes of sand for the Beach Ball!

           Secured the contract for a second ATM on campus!

           Got a South Campus gate included in the current Campus masterplan! Handy!


Maynooth SU runs:

           The Bar

           The Printing Press


           The Bunker

           The Venue

           Clubs & Socs Room

           The Commuter Space

           The Mature Space



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