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Maynooth Remembers

Maynooth Remembers -

A section where we take time out to remember those buildings and facets of old Maynooth, engrained in the memories of our alumni. They were institutions to Maynoothians of the past, and as such, we must pay due homage to their history. 

We Remember The Canteen

The Canteen… a building which once adjoined the old Students Union office, now titled The Phoenix earned its new name from its explosive ending. We here at the Union remember it vividly… It was open day… thousands of prospective students were being briefed on what it was like to study in the greatest college in Ireland… It was all meant to go so smoothly… All of the sudden you could see the plume of smoke rising from the far corner of North Campus. Thick black billowing smoke! The ominous cylinder rose higher, twisting with a menacing majesty. Needless to say, the opening day was going quite horrifically, well actually it was pretty a pretty immense and exciting spectacle but in terms of enticing prospective students to attend… it was disastrous.


The canteen has been destroyed, gutted, gone. Most of the roof has collapsed, and you can see masses of bent and twisted steal down inside the bowls of the hall I ate in twice a day every day for the first year of my degree. Thankfully the fire brigade were able to stop it spreading to the adjoining sports hall, but it was damaged none-the-less.


From the ashes, rose the aptly titled Phoenix restaurant… Its cool, sleek and modern (The smell outside not so much) but we must remember what came before… The humble Canteen. Maynooth remembers. 

We Remembering The Footbridge

Not long ago, the partition between North Campus and South Campus was far more pronounced than the mere zebra crossing you see today… A mammoth footbridge set them apart and a journey across it would exhaust even Mo Farah. Loathed for the exhaustion incurred upon climbing, loathed for the forced nicities with those you know on a cold, cranky Monday morning where you’d prefer to be left solitary in your own Monday blues mood. The bridge was a symbol of what Maynooth was… a bridge, between old and new, North and South Campus being opposites but united, by a humble, inconvenient footbridge. It was knocked down in favour of the zebra crossing you regularly trample upon today… but Maynooth remembers.

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