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FT Executive Elections March 2019

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Maynooth Students' Union (MSU) will be holding elections on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th March to fill a number of Full-Time Executive Officer positions. Every year, 4 students are elected to work full-time to improve the lives of students at Maynooth University. They are the voice of Maynooth students, and as part of the MSU Executive play a key role in shaping education, engagement, student welfare and services at the University, and lead MSU as an organisation to make sure it is doing everything it can for its members.

SU President: is the official spokesperson for the SU and represents students in terms of how they interact with the SU through democracy, communications and services, and leads on finance issues, administration and delivering the SU’s annual plan of work.

SU Vice President (Education): represents students on all aspects of academic and educational support matters and ensures that all students’ voices are represented on academic issues within the SU and University.

SU Vice President (Welfare & Equality): represents students on accommodation, finance, equality and wellbeing issues, and ensures that all students’ voices are represented on welfare issues within the SU and University.

SU Vice President (Clubs, Societies & Student Engagement): represents Clubs & Societies at all levels with the SU and University, and leads on support for clubs, societies, volunteering and community engagement.

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De Buitléir, Aindriú

My name is Aindriú de Buitléir, I am 22 years old & I'm a Politics and Music Tech student here in Maynooth. As students we can organise together and have a key part in movements for affordable housing,for the environment and against sexism. I am a housing activist, a member of the Socialist Party and have worked on many campaigns through the years, such as repeal and the water charges movement.

I believe that simply lobbying governmental bodies is no longer enough to create the change we need in our university and further a field. It’s through direct actions, walks outs, protests etc that we can make our voices heard. From my position on the Student Senate I have been able to propose motions for a walk out on international women's day, Friday the 8th of March and to support school students in their climate protests on March 15th.

As president I hope my further reach will allow me to create even more positive change within our University. Together we can revolutionize the SU.

For more information & full manifesto check out my social media // Facebook: @Aindriu4Pres // Instagram: @aindriu4pres

katie deegan new
Deegan, Katie
Hi, my name is Katie Deegan and I’m currently your VP for Education. I am very passionate about the representation of Maynooth students and this passion has only grown over my year in office.

I'm campaigning to be the next president of Maynooth Students Union because I believe in a union that represents students effectively, campaigns for more investment in higher education and a more accessible Union.
For more information have a look at my Facebook: @KatieForPres

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michael butler new
Butler, Michael

Hello! 😊 My name is Michael Butler. I am a 4th-year Biology and maths education student. During my time in Maynooth, I have tried to become the strongest version of myself and I want to help you along this path as well. I started out as an Academic Rep and followed on to become Science and Engineering Faculty Convener. I was also an Orientation Leader and a Student Engagement Ambassador and this is where I found my true love for helping and aiding students in any way I possibly can.😊

I have designed my manifesto to be more simplistic, assessable and student friendly. I used the acronym ‘TAYTO’ where each letter stands for a keyword followed by deeper meaning.

If elected I hope to run GDPR, First Aid and CPR classes, extend the opening hours of the Libary on Sundays during exam times, and bring back TAYTO sandwiches; along with many more ideas! 😊 The rest of my manifesto is outlined online and if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask me, my team, or send me a message. I’m more than delighted to answer them all! 👍

Check out my Facebook page for my full manifesto:

Rachel dolan vpedu1
Dolan, Rachel
Hi there! My name is Rachel and I’m a final year Law and English student from Leitrim. I came to Maynooth through the HEAR access route and I would not be still be here without
them after all they’ve done for me! Maynooth has completely changed my life for the better and now it’s my time to give back! 

I’ve done a lot in my time here, I’m a Maynooth Access Programme (MAP) Ambassador, the current president of Access Society, a BCL Law class rep and an academic council member! I want to ensure that all students in Maynooth get the best education they possibly can and are supported throughout!

My full manifesto will be up soon and don’t hesitate to ask me or my wonderful campaign team any questions, you’ll see our lovely maroon shirts around campus!

Vote Rachel Dolan #1 for VP Education on 12th and 13th of March! #TeamRachel
Instagram- @rachelforeducation
Snapchat- dolan_rachel

stephen mcconnell new
McConnell, Stephen
Hi, my name is Stephen McConnell. I’m a final year Applied Social Science student. I've served the last two years as your Social Sciences Faculty Convenor and am currently also treasurer of the Literary & Debating Society. I want to be your next VP for Education because I’m passionate that students should have a say in their own education. In my role as Convenor, I’ve seen exactly how the Rep system works and how it often doesn’t work. If elected, I want to make sure all departments are fully on board with student representation. I also want to increase the opportunities that Maynooth students get and highlight the supports available. I’ve experienced first hand the barriers that students can face in obtaining their degree and want to ensure that all students know how to get help.

Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @stephen4edmsu

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John legard vpwel1
Alinas, John Legard
I’ve been a very active member of the SU. Working very closely with the last four VP for welfare and equality made me fall in love with the job. Witnessing the effect they have to a student is what drove me to run this year. I’ve been in the passenger seat for so long that it is time for me to take the wheel.

I’m very experienced and knowledgeable with the ins and outs of the SU and the do’s and don’ts with the university. I’m known to be the most vocal when it comes to holding the executive officers accountable in senate so I know what’s expected of me and I know I’ll hold myself to the same standard. There is no better person to represent YOU and fight for YOU than me.

Make sure to vote for me on Tuesday or Wednesday to make your Maynooth experience Legendary!

IG: @JLegard4Welfare.
Check out my Facebook page for my full manifesto:

Eoin burke vpwel1
Burke, Eoin
Hi everyone, my name is Eoin Burke and I’m hoping to be your next VP for Welfare & Equality. I’m 22 years old and a final year student of Geography and Sociology.

I’m an absolute nerd for equality studies and chose to go on Erasmus to Sweden because I wanted to learn more about their welfare systems which I admire so much, but what I am passionate about is dealing with people. I have a part time job as a social care assistant, something that I have found to be extremely rewarding. The feeling of being able to help people or make even a small positive impact on someone is far more satisfying than the money, even if I do need that too to help with college fees (don’t get me started on that)

If you have some more time, please feel free to read my manifesto and more about me on my Facebook page:

Sinead harkin vpwel1
Harkin, Sinéad
Hi guys!

I'm Sinéad and I am in final year here at Maynooth University. I am running in the upcoming Student Union election for the position of Vice President for Welfare and Equality. I am really passionate about helping people and nothing makes me happier than making other people happy.

I will be updating my Facebook page regularly and keeping ye all updated on the campaign! If ye have any questions please don't be afraid to ask:

nicole kirwan vpwel
Kirwan, Nicole
Hi all, my name is Nicole Kirwan and I am a 21 year old MA student of Literatures of Engagement. I graduated from a double major in English and Anthropology here in MU. As a graduate, and a current postgraduate student, I believe I am well versed in the trials and tribulations of college life, and would be in a good position to provide advice, support and a
level of understanding to students at all points in their college career.

College is not a smooth run, but it is bound to be one of the most influential, educational and life-changing period of time in your life, and I want to help make the experience as easy and fun as possible. If elected, I would be honoured to continue the work of Kim, and to hopefully engage in that which matters most in the union – you!

Check out my manifesto and my other posts on social media:

David lyons vpwel1
Lyons, David
Hi everyone!

I’m David Lyons, I’m a 2nd year law and criminology student. Running for VP Welfare and Equality is the biggest and best decision I have made since deciding to come to Maynooth! I had very little knowledge about the on campus supports that have helped me time and time again to keep progressing me as a person and encouraging me to getting as much out of my college life, both socially and academically!

I’ve become so involved in my year and a half here and Maynooth has become a home away from home for me. I want to give that same feeling to students doing absolutely everything possible and impossible if need be. Stay involved in my campaign by looking out for my orange shirts on campus or following my social media!


Instagram: @lyons4welfareandequality

Ciaran watts vpwel1
Watts, Ciarán
Hi! My name is Ciarán Watts and I am running for the position of VP Welfare and Equality in the Maynooth Students' Union Elections!

I have big goals for the year, but I know that if you put your trust in me I WILL make you proud.

Check out my Facebook page for my full manifesto:

Screen Shot 2018 03 01 at 15.43.53

paul kenny1
Kenny, Paul

My name is Paul and I am your current VP for Clubs, Societies & Student Engagement and I am rerunning for the position. When we all come together we can make such a big difference and I believe that’s what we’ve done together this year! If re-elected my main aim is to build on the work I’ve already done this year.

My manifesto and plans focus on things such as; Free events; Mind-set talks; First-Day Contact; Charity Week and Clubs & Socs Council. Check out my manifesto in full and feel free to message me any questions you might have!


emily swords whelan vpcsse1
Swords-Whelan, Emily

Hi, my name is Emily Swords-Whelan. I am 20 years old, I’m in 3rd year law, and I’m running for VP of Clubs, Societies, and Student Engagement. I am running for this role for the same reason I joined every committee I’ve ever been on – I care about the students of Maynooth University and I want to do the work to make their experience the best it can possibly be.

My experience in Maynooth has been defined by the clubs and societies I joined. I would not have half the friends I have today without clubs and societies. However, I know that this is not the experience of every Maynooth student. I want to increase engagement to make sure that no student feels left out of campus life.

Instagram: @emilyforclubsandsocsvp

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