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Better Check Than Regret

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Sexual Health is just as important as Physical and mental health. Here at MSU we want you to feel safe when discussing and learning about your sexual health. Sometimes considering an STI screening/check can be a red face moment, but this shouldn't be the case for such a quick and simple task! Of course, the experience can appear daunting for anyone but it could be a lifesaver for your future health. It is extremely vital for students when sexually active to beat the silent stigma and go for it.  Appointments are always available for ALL students at Maynooth University and cost only €20. So, why not be safe rather than sorry and get checked?!?

You have come to the right place for info about the steps to take before, during and after the STI testing!

Maynooth University wishes to promote safe and responsible sexual health and I want to help you get educated about the service.

I decided as a fellow student to get the low-down on the test, all your questions answered in one post!

We want to inform and encourage students to kick the nerves and book a test today, here MSU presents our guide to STI testing.

How MAYNOOTH STUDENTS can avail of this essential service:

  1. The staff of the Student Health Centre are here to help and they are an amazing support one on one for students in all areas of health and well-being on campus. I myself sat down with Kathryn, one of the nurses, who explained how the service should be readily availed by students due to how simple and hassle-free testing is at the Health Centre.  Catherine provided me with shocking, yet helpful, facts that students need to be aware of such as; 85% of people with an STI don’t have symptoms and Condoms are 57% effective against STIs. Book that test!
  1. The Student Health Centre offers a complete confidential policy for every student that book a test with them, security of patient information and making students feel comfortable is their main priority and always will be. Discretion is assured.

Let’s get tested!

The test differs slightly per gender and only takes 10 minutes to complete.

-Lower Vagina Swab (tests cannot be completed during menstruation)
-Blood Test

-Urine test (urine should not be past 2 hours before the examination)
-Blood Test

Results can take up to 2 weeks to come back to the Health Centre.

The Student Health Centre provides an amazing support system for all outcomes.

So, to finish...

So there you go it’s actually that simple, hard to believe but now you know the in and outs about STIs and the test, so get booking now! STI Screening is Free when booked during SHAG week (Oct. 15-19) and during the week of Valentine’s (Feb 11-15).

One important thing to note before you book an appointment: You cannot have had sexual intercourse with a new partner in the two weeks prior to testing. If that is the case, wait 2 weeks and then book in.

If you want to know more about your sexual health, the Health Centre offers a variety of leaflets and information on STIs and Safe sex.

They are friendly bunch so don’t be shy, they are here to help and guide us!

And don't forget- The SU Office also supplies FREE condoms!

-Niamh, MSU Creative Team


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