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Bus Connects and Maynooth

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Bus Connects

Bus Connects is the name given to the plan to overhaul the greater Dublin bus network. This plan proposes widescale changes to routes, timetables and even stop locations. The aim is to provide a better, more user-friendly service that improves user journeys.

Here in Maynooth Students' Union our focus is on how this plan proposes to cater to the large commuting population here in the University. Every day- approximately 60% of our students commute to Maynooth. Many of these will be affected by the Bus Connect plan, either directly or indirectly.

What Does It Mean For Maynooth Students:

Your SU officers have attended public consultations on your behalf over the course of the Summer and have digested the proposed plan. We have highlighted some key points that will directly affect Maynooth students, both in positive and negative ways. These include:

  1. The proposed '90 Minute Fare' which allows a customer to use any combination of bus, Dart and Luas for a journey, does not allow for commuter rail journeys. This means Maynooth students will have to pay twice if they need to catch a bus and then train to college. Students in other Institutes can use any combination of buses and light rail without penalty.

  2. 2 routes (66 & 67) currently operate between Maynooth and the city, providing a service frequency of ~15 minutes. Under the Bus Connect proposal, Maynooth will be served by 1 route (C3) into the city. This will result in a 20/25 minute service. An alternative route to the city is provided by catching a W8 service to Celbridge and changing to the (C4) into the city.

  3. The proposed C4 route generally replaces the existing 67 route, with the major change that it will now terminate on the Maynooth Road in Celbridge instead of continuing to Maynooth.

  4. The C3 and C4 routes will no longer serve Chapelizod and run on the bypass, which should help journey times for these routes.

  5. A new route (W8) will be introduced which will serve Tallaght, City West, Saggart, Rathcoole and Celbridge. This service will stop outside the University as it terminates on the Moyglare Road.


Our Proposals

We have written a detailed submission to the National Transport Authority with our observations and proposals on the Bus Connect proposal. We have also lobbied local representatives and politicians. The recommendation we have made include:

  • We propose that the '90 minute fare' be extended to Student Leap Card holders on commuter lines.
  • We are concerned about the drop in frequency in direct services to the city. We ask for increased service on the C3 route or the extension of the C4 route to Maynooth.
  • In the absence of a C4 route extension, we seek further clarification on how the W8/C4 route would deliver a viable alternative service.
  • We welcome the bypassing of Chapelizod for the C services as it should deliver a better service for Maynooth students. We do appreciate that further clarification is needed for those affected in Chapelizod.
  • We welcome the proposed W8 route. This would facilitate students in Tallaght, Saggart, Rathcoole and Newcastle a fast and direct route to the University. We also welcome that this route will serve the campus directly and ask for consideration be given to extending the C routes to also serve the campus.

where can you see the full plan

  • We have a display outside the SU Info Centre in the SU Building all this week.
  • You can read about the full Bus Connects plan on the website

Have Your Say

The time for public consultation is almost up. You have until the Friday 28th September to provide feedback. You can do this by:

  • Completing the survey on
  • Sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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