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MSU Front Office Review 2017/18


The Students’ Union Front Office is a vibrant hub for a variety of reasons. Being an information point is another important aspect of the front office. We offer a friendly face and are eager to assist you if you have any queries about university life. We also are one of the pathways to meeting with your Elected Officers, who are around to assist you too. You can drop into the front office and arrange an appointment.

Whether it’s to get a student leap card or have assignments bound we have seen the footfall into the office significantly increase over the last year. In a recent survey undertaken by the Students’ Union, students stated that they were satisfied with the services provided within the front office, however we are committed to constantly strive to improve on the services we have for our student body.

Leap Cards sales up by 77% and Merchandise slaes up by 86%

Some positive happenings that have occurred over the last academic year

1. We have increased our student staff.
We are delighted that we can now offer more students the opportunity of gaining some important employment skills as well as getting paid. We would hope to be in a position to again increase our intake of student staff for the coming academic year.

2. Front Office Opening Hours.
This year saw the front office opening hours extended. We now stay open during lunch hour, and also until 6pm which we believe is more in keeping with student timetables.

3. Improved Services.
We now offer a wide range of services all within the front office. From printing, laminating, merchandise, binding your assignments, leap-cards, etc., your front office is a one-stop shop were staff are committed to helping and advising you.

4. Free Prize Draws.
This year we saw the introduction of free prize draws in the front office. Whether students came in to purchase a leap card, or they simply came into say hi, they could enter into the draws. We had two draws, one in semester 1, were the prize was a fantastic phone and the second draw in semester 2 were we gave away two free Spring Break tickets. Hopefully we will continue with these free draws, so watch this space!

Some things that we found challenging this year:

1. Awareness.
We know the front office offers value for money when it comes to services, however not all students are aware of this. The challenge here was, and still is, to bring more awareness to what is on offer at the front office. This will obviously benefit students as there are saving to be made when it comes to assignment time or purchasing merchandise.

2. No Credit Card Facility.
Another challenge was not having the use of a credit card system within the front office. This is something we are currently looking to address and hopefully have in place by September of this year.

3. Lack of Space.
While we strive to offer many services, the lack of physical space in the front office is something that prevents us from offering more. With the new Student Centre on the way, we are hopeful that this will not be an issue in the future.

Future Developments:

The Student’s Union Front Office is here for you the student. We are constantly thinking of additional services and new ideas that a student would need. One such service is having a parcel point in the front office were students can collect deliveries. This we feel is something students would benefit from whether they are living on campus or simply ordering a present for someone in their home. We will continue to keep our thinking caps on and listen to the student voice. So if there are services that you feel we should be offering, please feel free to contact us and let us know.

Learn more about the Front Office Services

Contact: Ann Marie, SU Front Office Manager, (01) 708 3669 // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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