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MSU Community Week: Zorbing

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Water Zorbing on the Royal Canal

Ever wanted to walk on water? Well, now you can! Maynooth Students' Union (MSU) have partnered with Get West and Waterways Ireland to bring host a truly unique event right in the heart of our town.

This is the first Water Zorbing event to take place in Maynooth and all the proceeds go to the young people's mental health charity, Jigsaw. It’s going to make for an exciting spectacle while bringing the students of Maynooth and the wider community together to share the fun! 

Water Zorbing involves getting into a large inflatable ball that allows you to walk, run, jump and dance on the surface of water without getting wet. The water walking zorbs are two metres in diameter and have a zipped entrance allowing for easy entering and exiting.

There will be music, food and a chill-out area so plenty to keep you entertained when not on the water! Zorbing is suitable for children aged 10 and up. Our event partners have professionally trained staff on hand and a lifeguard will be on location to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Only €5 will get you 10 minutes out on the water, with all the profits going directly to Jigsaw! Simply turn up, put your name down and enjoy! You can learn more by visiting

About MSU Community Week:

April 16-20 is MSU's 'Community Week' - a week that aims to promote the importance of community for safety and fun, while also strengthening the bond between our students and the town that they belong to. 

Community Week runs in compliment to Maynooth University's inaugural 'Maynooth Week'. A programme of events to shine a spotlight on the staff, students, alumni and the community who embody the unique spirit of the University.

Wildlife on the canal:

As part of the event management plan MSU conducted an environment impact study is association with Waterways Ireland. We are aware of nesting birds on the canal at this time of year- this event will be located away from any nesting sites and the safety and welfare of all canal wildlife is a priority.

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