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FT Executive Elections March 2018

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Maynooth Students' Union (MSU) will be holding elections on Tuesday 13th March to fill a number of Full-Time Executive Officer positions. Every year, 4 students are elected to work full-time to improve the lives of students at Maynooth University. They are the voice of Maynooth students, and as part of the MSU Executive play a key role in shaping education, engagement, student welfare and services at the University, and lead MSU as an organisation to make sure it is doing everything it can for its members.

SU President: is the official spokesperson for the SU and represents students in terms of how they interact with the SU through democracy, communications and services, and leads on finance issues, administration and delivering the SU’s annual plan of work.

SU Vice President (Education): represents students on all aspects of academic and educational support matters and ensures that all students’ voices are represented on academic issues within the SU and University.

SU Vice President (Welfare & Equality): represents students on accommodation, finance, equality and wellbeing issues, and ensures that all students’ voices are represented on welfare issues within the SU and University.

SU Vice President (Clubs, Societies & Student Engagement): represents Clubs & Societies at all levels with the SU and University, and leads on support for clubs, societies, volunteering and community engagement.

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01 Pres Diop Leon
Diop, Leon
Hello, My name is Leon Diop, current President of the SU and a psychology graduate from Tallaght. I came to Maynooth through the HEAR scheme and I graduated in Psychology through Science last September. I was a part time officer in the union for two years in events & promotions and received the president’s award for contribution to student life in 2015/2016. Last year I was elected to lead the student union and what a year it has been. It has been a challenging year yet we have achieved so much. I am fully dedicated and determined to deliver the best for maynooth students and that is why I am seeking re-election for next year. If re-elected, I assure you the work will not stop on getting the services and resources that students need, the student voice will continue to be heard and the party won’t stop. On March 13th I hope you will give me your first preference vote and re-elect me as your president..

01 Pres Foley Ethan New
Foley, Ethan
Hello My name Ethan Foley im a 3rd year law student running for MSU President. I'm running on the idea that the SU need to engage more with their students. To find out how check out my Manifesto on my facebook page, Ethan Foley Politics. We need to start engageing we need to start winning we need to Vote Ethan Foley NO.1.

01 Pres Gowen Aaron
Gowen, Aaron
"Hello there! I’m Aaron if you haven’t met me yet, I am a 3rd year law student and I really feel I can make visible, positive change to our Student Union if you give me the chance. I have been heavily involved with everything university life has to offer since day one, have over the years been a part of 6 societies (drama, tramps, badminton, volleyball, aquatics and surf), am currently the events manager of the surf club, I am currently also the Maynooth Red Bull SBM and have represented our University at three intervarsity’s bringing home a medal from one. It is because of this amount of involvement that I feel, if elected, I could successfully represent the voice of our collective student body having been a part of various different circles in college life.

If elected I want to create a fresh, stronger sense of community in the SU through opinion polls, student engagement and more student voting for what we all collectively want. One of the 11 ideas in my manifesto is to start a student voted night, where students vote on what style of event they want in the SU venue every two weeks, and the students then vote on which suggestion they think is the best. Be it a local DJ with a strong student fan base, or young student artists, or even birthday pre-drinks – Doesn’t matter what it is, Students suggest and students vote on what THEY want in THEIR student bar.

I would also like to, and would be absolutely honoured to do so if elected, lead a student union that empowers its students to challenge changes to our student life that we don’t agree with. We were TOLD a lot of things this year and I believe, and from speaking to the student body I think others believe this too, that our views and opinions were not represented loud enough this year. If your interested in hearing about other more important ideas for change that I have, checkout my manifesto on my FB page and feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions. Vote Gowen #1 For MSU president.

01 Pres Twaddle William
Twaddle, William
For me the role of a students union is to fight for the student body when the government or university make our lives difficult. I think I’m the right man to lead the student body in fighting for better facilities and protecting what we have. I am a hard negotiator and I will happily radicalise the student body to help achieve our goals as I did in the student seating protest. For the rest of my manifesto points hit up my Facebook (

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02 VPEdu Brennan Killian
Brennan, Killian

Hey, my name is Killian Brennan. I am a masters student in history and I am the current postgraduate rep in the SU. I have been a History rep and an Arts Senator during my undergraduate degree. I take great pride in the Students Union and how its run. As a member of the Executive I sit on numerous committees and attend regular meetings such as Academic Council, Governing Authority and Quality Committee meetings. As postgraduate rep I currently represent all masters and PhD student’s academic affairs and wellbeing within the SU. I have a huge interest in student life, the Students Union and educational issues that affect students. I have lots of experience in the SU, I’m determined, hardworking and reliable.
Snapchat: killianb96 | Facebook and Instagram: @brennanvp

02 VPEdu Deegan Katie
Deegan, Katie
Hi, my name is Katie Deegan and I am running for VP for Education, I'm 22 and a final year Business Management. I feel like students should vote for me as I am incredibly proactive and I am determined to bring the VP for Education role from the background  to the foreground of the SU. I want students to feel like their VP for Education is their first port of call for any issues they have. I'm incredibly passionate and would love any student who wants to know to ask me about my manifesto! Vote Katie #1.

02 VPEdu Loughnane Andrew
Loughnane, Andrew
Hey there my name is Andrew Loughnane, I am a final year Computer Science and Business major through Arts and I want to be your next VP of Education. The years I have spent in Maynooth have slowly decreased in happiness and not because of reality kicking in, but because the standard this college presents itself with has decreased. I’m not one to give up without a fight, and that is why I want to stand for the following students to come.To show the incoming and current students the full potential of the Student body of Maynooth! College life is difficult enough as it is but with the lack of knowledge about the facilities that we have here in Maynooth it is made even harder. Basic study spaces with plugs is not something we should have to fight for in a third level institution but unfortunately that is the case here and I am willing to fight not only for this but for building an agreement of compliance, building on our current Academic representative system, careers development and transparency everywhere.I am used to the systems in place within the SU as I was Arts Celtic Studies and Philosophy rep back in the old days. I hope after reading this and having a little look at my facebook page you can consider me for a vote this Tuesday!

02 VPEdu McGrath Saoirse
McGrath, Saoirse

Hi Everyone, my name is Saoirse McGrath and I am a third year Law student. During my time in Maynooth, I have developed an interest in the Students’ Union and I’m excited to finally put it to the test! I’m running for VP for Education in the hopes that I can make the teaching and learning environment in Maynooth more accessible and transparent for every student. I want to make sure that Maynooth students feel represented on every level of academic decision by continuing the fight against the introduction of a loan scheme, and engaging with the university in order to implement a clear policy for feedback relating to exams and continuous assessments. I am determined and passionate about building on the successes of previous officers and I look forward to meeting as many people as possible during the campaign.
Facebook: // Instagram: saoirsemcgrathx

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03 VPWel Henderson Kieran
Henderson, Kieran

My name is Kieran Henderson, I’m a final year Law & Business BCL student and I want to be your VP for Welfare & Equality! The near 3 years I’ve had here at Maynooth University have been the happiest of my life! Since day one I’ve always felt a sense of belonging here and I’ve been so proud to call myself a Maynooth University student. I want every student regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation or background to feel the same! I want to be in a position where I can give back to the college as much as possible and I will do everything I can to be successful! I have worked closely with the Access Office as a MAP ambassador for the duration of my time here in Maynooth. This role has involved me giving talks at schools, helping to organise events and having leadership responsibilities as a Head Ambassador at the student orientation programme Launchpad. I feel that my role as a MAP ambassador has prepped me greatly for the position of VP of Welfare & Equality. This role needs someone who is strong, caring and compassionate and I feel I have all the qualities to be that someone! To see my full manifesto, make sure to check out my Facebook and Instagram pages.
Facebook: | Instagram: @hendo4welfare

03 VPWel Lockyer Kim
Lockyer, Kim

Hi! My name is Kim Lockyer and I am running for VP for Welfare and Equality in Maynooth Universities Students Union sabbatical elections this year. I’m a final year social science student and, over the course of my time in college, Maynooth has become one of my favorite places in the world. When I started in college I was totally all over the place in regards my own mental health. The Welfare Officer in first year linked me in with the supports I needed and even accompanied me to where I needed to go because at the time I was too anxious to tackle most things on my own. The Welfare Officer showed me that I was important and that college was achievable for me. It turns out college has ended up being the most amazing and fun adventure. I want to be the Welfare and Equality Officer for the Maynooth student body that my Welfare Officer in first year was to me. 

What do you need to know about me? I’m really short and I am obsessed with my dog, Sally. I love to paint; that’s my coping mechanism when life gets stressful. I write a mental health blog (Mental health is my passion) and kindness is the quality I value most in the world. I really believe that I can make a difference given the chance to and that is why I have decided to run for VP Welfare and Equality.You Can find out more about what I want to achieve if elected and about the relevant experience I have on my manifesto or else on my social media pages- Facebook: Kim For Welfare and Equality. Instagram: @KimforWelfare. #SmallButMighty

03 VPWel McGinn Robyn
McGinn, Robyn
My name is Robyn McGinn and I’m a final year Sociology and Philosophy student in MU and I’m running to be your VP Welfare and Equality for 2018-2019. To me, a Welfare and Equality Officer needs to be kind, open-minded, respective and there for every and any student that may need their help in challenging times. Throughout my three years in college, I’ve been involved with a lot of campus activities. These include standing as HEAR Senator, partaking in SU events and campaigns such as this year’s Welfest, being part of society committees and engaging with students as an Orientation Leader. I have learned a lot through this range of involvement. This involvement has shown me that the most important thing  you can do to help someone is to listen to them. As Welfare and Equality Officer, I would hope to encourage a respectful, diverse, accessible and approachable Welfare Office. In order to do this, I have four main aims: Campaigns, Accessibility, Friendly Campus, and Approachability. These four aims are what I believe what I could use to be a capable, friendly, welcoming VP Welfare and Equality Officer..

Screen Shot 2018 03 01 at 15.43.53

04 VPcsse Joseph Fenlon
Fenlon, Joe
Hello There! My name is Joe Fenlon, and I am a Final Year Student studying Geography! The very moment I arrived here in Maynooth, I knew that something separated us from the average university. The people, the Clubs and Societies, the sense of belonging, it was something that has stayed with me throughout my three years here, and now it’s my turn to help give back! Having been in several Clubs and Socs, and even being on numerous committees over the years, including Co-Captain for Trampoline Club, Public Relations Officer for both Trampoline Club and Busking Soc, and Meet, Greet & Inclusions Officer for Geography Soc, I feel I have gained the necessary experience to be YOUR next Vice President for Clubs, Societies, and Student Engagement! The reason I emphasise the word ‘’YOUR’’ is because I want to represent you, and ensure you are given a fair and equal voice across the University by increasing the ‘’Student Engagement’’ side of the role! Having been both a commuter and resident, I understand the difficulties that all Students can face while at University, be it lack of time to attend your favourite Clubs and Socs, not knowing where events are being held, or simply just not knowing who to ask for some help now and again! We’ve all been there, and I want to ensure that everyone can get the most out of their college experience just like I have! This Role needs someone with Experience, someone with the courage to stand up for MU Students, and someone with ability to listen to those they represent, and I will be that someone!

04 VPcsse Kenny Paul
Kenny, Paul
Hi, my name is Paul Kenny. I’m an Energetic, Approachable, and Hardworking person.  I’ve big ears  so I’m here to listen to all your problems and try solve them. From the beginning of my time here, I’ve taken in all Maynooth has to offer- from participating in boxing inter-varsity’s and discussion groups, beer pong competitions and charity events. Needless to say, Maynooth has crafted me into the person I am today by creating a community where people can truly be themselves. This is why I believe I embody the best this university has to offer. My ideas are simple: I plan to oversee the development of an APP for clubs and societies, introduce a job scheme, establish a student/resident rapport and more areas to socialise in. I’m just trying to give the students of Maynooth the same enjoyment I had in this fantastic place. So, make sure you get down to the polling station on the and have your say; I urge you to make the right decision, and vote Paul KENNY for Clubs, Socs and Student Engagement.

04 VPcsse Mitchell Ben
Mitchell, Ben
My Name is Ben Mitchell, I'm a final year student studying History and Geography. I'm running for VP of Clubs, societies and student engagement, and i feel like that last part (student engagement) has been forgotten about over the last year or two; for both commuters and residents, but with commuters feeling the brunt of this more. Commuters make up a massive part of the Maynooth student body and as a commuter myself I know all too well the struggles of trying to get involved in events/activities on campus. However, I'm currently the Vice Captain for Snow sports and was on the committee for the literary & debating society for 2 years; so i feel like I have the experience to know what needs to be done to fix this major problem. The role needs someone who isn't afraid to put themselves out there and make a show of themselves so others will feel more comfortable in taking part; and for anyone who knows me, I'm that person.

04 VPcsse Porter Alan
Porter, Alan
Plenty is never enough. I'm Alan Porter and my main thingys are I want to create a proper training program for people who are on committee positions within their clubs and socs. I also want to have a refresher training every two months so people remember to stay organized and and focused. Another thing I want to do is to get every first year to sign up for MSU Life during orientation week so that the fairs day doesn't turn into a dog's dinner. These are just a couple of things I'd like to do if elected for VP clubs, socs and student engagement. My name is Alan porter - put me #1.

04 VPcsse Weldon Nadine
Weldon, Nadine

Hi! My name is Nadine Weldon, I’m 21 and I’m from a wee county called Louth. I'm in my final year here in Maynooth studying Music and Geography. I feel like my time has gone much too quick in Maynooth University and that I have so much more to give. I’ve had lots of involvement with the Student Union in my time here in Maynooth University. I have worked in the SU bar for three years and seeing people come and go, I now want to play a bigger part in the involvement of other students along with their Clubs and Societies. I’ve spent some time within societies such as busking and rugby. I have run events in the Student Union and know how much work goes into making things happen. I have also been the Treasurer of many committees including treasurer of events I have ran. I have managerial experience and understand how things work and have also been on committees including in the GAA and basketball.  I now want to be your Vice President for Clubs, Societies and Student Engagement. 

So, please vote for me NADINE WELDON, as YOUR #1 for Clubs, Societies and Student Engagement. I will not disappoint!
For a look at my manifesto aims and objectives and all things election related, go to my Facebook:  Instagram: @nadineweldon4clubsandsocs 
You won’t regret it! #ForAJobWellDone #VoteWeldon #March13th 

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