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PT Executive Elections March 2018

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MSU Part-Time Executive ELECTIONS 2018

Maynooth Students' Union (MSU) will be holding elections on Tuesday 13th March to fill a number of Part-Time Executive Officer positions. Every year, 6 students are elected to work part-time to improve the lives of students at Maynooth University. Together with the 4 Full-Time officers they form the MSU Executive and play a key role in shaping education, engagement, student welfare and services at the University, and lead MSU as an organisation to make sure it is doing everything it can for its members.

Arts Celtic Studies and Philosophy Faculty Convenor: chair of their Faculty Council and liaison with the Executive on matters relating to students of their Faculty.

Social Sciences Faculty Convenor: chair of their Faculty Council and liaison with the Executive on matters relating to students of their Faculty.

Science and Engineering Faculty Convenor: chair of their Faculty Council and liaison with the Executive on matters relating to students of their Faculty.

Oifigeach na Gaeilge agus Gnóthaí Cultúrtha: promote the use of Irish language within the SU and represent the interests of relevant international, linguistic and cultural groups to the Executive.

Events & Promotions Officer: assist in the creation of an annual events calendar and liaise with the Executive on matters relating to the advertisement and promotion of Union activities and entertainments.

Postgraduate Representative: facilitate at least 2 meetings of postgraduate students and liaison with the Executive on matters relating to postgraduate students.  (The Postgraduate Representative will be elected in the new Academic year.)

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02 acpfc Rutledge Robert
Rutledge, Rob
Hey my names Rob Rutledge and I'm a First year Arts student studying Economics and Finance with German. As well as being a student, I am also a member of the Senate as a Social Science Senator and an Academic Rep. I think I would be perfect for the job of Faculty Convener because I represent Leadership, Transparency and Competence. I am a hardworking, organised and friendly person and am able to adapt my thinking and actions to suit any problems or tasks I have to do. So on March 13th Vote Rob #1

02 acpfc Weiner Ruari
Weiner, Ruairí
Hi my name is Ruairí Weiner, 1st Year BA studying French, Anthropology, Sociology & Criminology and I am running for Faculty Convenor for Arts, Celtic Studies & Philosophy. In this role I would see myself as representative & advocate for Arts students to the faculty heads so my job would be to gather the thoughts, experiences etc. of Arts Students and make sure the University is fully responsive to students' needs. I would aim to be fully approachable to any student encountering a course issue or otherwise and to help them if I can or to refer them on if I can't. I am determined that no student who comes to me would feel unaided. As a member of the executive I would commit to finding and promoting campaigns important to students and I am already interested in Mental Health, Environmentalism, and Accessibility and I also want to continue the SU's work on Public Transport. Is mise, Ruairí.

02 acpfc Williamson Ryan
Williamson, Ryan
No text submitted.

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01 ssfc McConnell Stephen
McConnell, Stephen

I'm a second year in Applied Social Sciences student and comic book geek. I've been involved in MSU for two years, first as LGBT+ senator and currently the serving Social Science Faculty Convenor. I've got three areas in particular I'd like to work on: 
1. Empowerment Ensuring Academic Reps have the training and support necessary for their roles. 
2. Awareness Building awareness of the structures with the university and student's union so that students are always aware of the correct supports and contacts. 
3. Accountability By monitoring the effectivity of our reps and my publicising my own officer report.

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03 sefc Butler Michael
Butler, Michael
Hey guy’s, my name is Michael Butler. As I’m sure most of you know I’m re-running for Science and Engineering Faculty Convenor. As I was elected mid semester one  it took a lot of time to settle in. A lot of the training had already occurred, but The Executive team helped me to catch up and made me feel right at home. I would like to be able to continue my work in the coming year due to my short spell in office. My ideas are simple and achievable:
1. Department Rep Information – Make Academic Rep contact information readily available to all students
2. Student Support Classes – Organize classes on demand for students struggling with core material
3. Science and Engineering Ball – To consider improving the venue for the Science and Engineering Ball

03 sefc Daly Jacqueline
Daly, Jacqueline
Hi, My name is Jacqueline Daly and I'm in Year 2 of General Science MH201. I'm 19 years old and I'm running for the position of Science and Engineering Faculty Convenor this year. - My main aim is to try to reduce stress in academic life for Science and Engineering students. If I am elected I intend to try to increase the amount of academic reps in Science and Engineering courses on campus, to Lobby to the departments to Have Tutorial and Lab regristration open before first week of college on Moodle, lobby to Establish a email system similar to the Computer Science department's to release exam results to all Science and Enginnering students in other science and engineering subjects. And to lobby the idea to the Science and Engineering departments on campus to have a Student Support Centre similar to the Maths Support Centre to help any science and engineering students struggling with problems in their course work or in any science or engineering subjects, and to explore the possibility of establishing it. And of course, listening to any students who need to someone to talk to about any problems they are facing in their degrees, courses or in university in general. I have confidence in my abilities to fufill the role of Science and Engineering faculty Convenor and to act as a support to both students and the Science and Engineering departments. I want to play a active role in reducing stress in university life and I hope to be a positive influence on that front.

03 sefc Jeanniot Lucas
Jeanniot, Lucas
Hi, My name is Lucas Jeanniot, I'm a second year Robotics and Intelligent Devices student. I am the first engineer running for this position in close to six years, I would love to see the gap between engineers and science students bridged as well as building supports for students who are struggling in their degrees. I hope to achieve my goals with a no-nonsense approach by liaising directly with the SU and the students of these faculties.

03 sefc McCann Maisie
McCann, Maisie
Hi my name is Maisie, I'm a first year General Science student. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far but I believe there can be changes made to the running of the university that I can help come to reality, to make university life easier and more accessible. I think I would be an excellent Faculty Convener because of how hard I work and how persistent I am to get a job done.

03 sefc OLoughlin David
O’ Loughlin, David
My name is David O’Loughlin, and I’m a second year Pharmaceutical Chemistry student. As well as being a student, I have worked part-time for Adult Education for nearly two years. I am running for Science and Engineering Convenor because I have experience on both sides of student life, and want to work to improve communication between departments and students.  My work in the department has given me an understanding of how university systems and procedures work that I think will really stand to me in the position.  
I'm as active in the SU as I can be while still commuting. I’ve attended both student fees protests, am involved with clubs and societies and work in the SU front office as part of the operations team. I also volunteer with the Cell Explorers programme run by Biology and Chemistry which takes DNA science into the classroom and is a lot of fun!  
As part of my mandate, I will work to make events more commuter friendly and promote the STEM events which run on campus. Adequate student facilities are also important to me, and there is a lot of work that the university can do, not just to replace what we have lost in the last year, but also to improve.
You can find full details of my manifesto on my Facebook page at

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04 ongg Dore Lauri
Doré, Laurie
Dia dhaoibh, a chairde! Is mise Laurie Doré, mac léinn na dara bliana ag déanamh stáidéir ar an nGaeilge agus an tíreolaíocht. Ba mhaith liom a bheith i m’oifigeach na Gaeilge agus Gnóthaí Cultúrtha toisc go bhfuil an-suim agam sa Ghaeilge, agus an Ghaeilge a scaipeadh ar fud an champais. Is duine díograiseach, cairdiúil mé, i gcónaí ag iarraidh bhur dtuairimí a fháil!
Faoi láthair táim i m’ionadaí ranga Gaeilge, agus ba mhaith liom an chéad chéim eile a thógáil chun tacaíocht a thabhairt do dhaoine atá suim acu sa Ghaeilge. Ba mhaith liom níos mó a dhéanamh do dhaoine nach bhfuil Gaeilge acu, ach ba mhaith leo Gaeilge a fhoghlaim, mar ceapaim nach bhfuil mórán ann faoi láthair maidir leis sin.
Mar sin, más rud é gur mhaith libh duine atá réidh an Ghaeilge a scaipeadh, gnóthaí cultúrtha a cheiliúradh, nó duine a bheadh ann chun comhrá a dhéanamh leat trí mhéan na Gaeilge (nó fiú trí mhéan an Bhéarla), tabhair bhur vóta dom ar an 13ú Márta!
-   -   -   -   -   -
Hi everyone! My name is Laurie Doré, a second year Irish and Geograhy student. I would love to be the Irish and Cultural Affairs officer because I love Irish, and I love spreading Irish across campus. I am a dedicated, friendly person, who is always looking to hear your opinions!
At the moment I am the Irish class rep, and I would like to take the next step to support people who have an interest in Irish. I would like to do more for people who don’t speak Irish, but who would like to learn, as I think that it’s something that needs more attention.
Because of this, if you want someone who is ready to spread Irish, celebrate cultural affairs, or someone who you can have a conversation with through Irish (or even through English), make sure to give me your vote on the 13th of March!.

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05 epo Dever Toirlach
Dever, Toirlach
Hi, my name is Toirlach Dever I am a 2 nd year Irish and Geography student. I decided to run for Events and Promotions Officer this year because I feel this job would suit me down to the ground. Last year I intended on running but had to pull out for personal reasons. Thankfully that also gave me a year
to prepare to run this year. I feel I can bring a lot to the table for this job and can really bring the craic back to Maynooth University and the Students Union itself. In first year I was part of Leon Diop’s promotional team and gained a lot of experience through observing Leon and the way he engaged with the students and the community of the university. Everybody in Maynooth knows me as the lad from mayo who is always smiling. I believe my attitude would not be matched in this position and I would set the bar high for whoever fills the position after me if I am elected. My main aim if elected is to secure a line of communication with the actual town community of Maynooth as I feel this year a divide has formed between the town and university and also do my very best to cater the needs of all students in Maynooth University. For more information follow my facebook page: 1-MSU- Events-and- Promotions-Officer-1730954386962300/
Instagram: toirlachdever4entsandpros and snapchat: Tdever97
Don’t forget to vote on the 13 th of march!.

05 epo Donagher Daniel
Donagher, Daniel
Hi folks, my name is Daniel Donagher i am a second year law student running for the position of events and promotions officer. I am a highly approachable, highly capable and i am not afraid to to put our ideas on the table. so check out my manifesto on snapchat, insta and facebook @dan4events. so come out on the 13th March and vote for me lets #makeMUgreatagain.

05 epo Gorman Johnny
Gorman, Johnny
Hey, my Name is Johnny Gorman. I am a 1st year Business and Management student. I have an insane amount of passion for engaging with people and making sure people get the most out of every experience. I have so much experience to offer the students union as Events and Promotions Officer.
-I have worked abroad in Toronto, Canada, doing promotions and social media
- I have managed a small business and even ran and operated my own business for a year and half
-I have extensive social media knowledge
-Runner up in Denman’s Stage Star competition, in which I used social media as a platform to build their brand, was flown to London to represent as one of four throughout all of UK and Ireland.
I'd love to be able to use the skills I have acquired, in this role to ensure every student has the most unreal university experience.
Instagram: @votejohnnygorman | Snapchat: johnnypahh | Facebook: @votejohnnygorman | Twitter: @votejohn4ep.

05 epo Watts Ciaran
Watts, Ciarán
My name is Ciarán Watts and I am re-running for the position of Events and Promotions Officer for 2018/19. I'm 21 and I'm in my 3rd Year of studying Primary School Teaching.  I am re-running for the position of Events and Promotions Officer because over the last year I have gained a lot of experience in the role and want to put this experience to good use!
There's still a lot of work to be done in the role and I want to keep going with and improve on the work that I have done over the last year!
Thank you to everyone who voted for me last year and I hope you put your faith in me again and vote Watts #1 on March 13th!

05 epo Weyimi Oboyo Favor
Weyimi-Oboyo, Favor

Hey everyone! My name is Favor Weyimi-Oboyo and I am a 2nd year Anthropology and Business student!. I am a very enthusiastic , Lit and Lovable and person with a huge determination for the people! I have a great passion for the BANTS and ensuring that everyone experiences the great opportunities maynooth has to offer! I am very interested in expressing that students have a voice as in this position I would do my very best to ensure strong communication between students and the SU. Promoting maynooth and it’s Events is something I already do!. I am heavily involved in the su,Vice President for 2 societies, PRO, and current Independent Senator!, I have multiple experiences as my personality showcases much of my qualities! If elected I plan to make maynooth LIT :what does this mean? 
L -Laughter and bants  * MORE COMMUTER FRIENDLY EVENTS * Creation of MSU CHATS
I-integration (Diversity/Clubs&Socs)  * create more DIVERSITY EVENTS * Work closely with Clubs and Socs run a PRO workshop!
T- Talk to me  * Positivity VIBES  * VISIBILITY CONNECTION (su representatives) 
For more information check out social media: Facebook: Snapchat: favorwoboyo
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