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Senate Elections March 2018

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Maynooth Students' Union (MSU) will be holding elections on Tuesday 13th March to fill a number of Senator positions. Together with the 4 Full-Time and 6 Part-Time Officers officers they form the MSU Senate and play a key role in representing the needs and views of students, overseeing the work of the Union and informing MSU policy. In order to ensure the diverse student population is represented on Senate some of the roles have a particular focus. For example, the Green Campus Senator would represent green issues etc.

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01 Froebel Kenny Grace
Kenny, Grace
Current Froebel Senator, your Saving Grace, running to be re-elected for next year. Hoping to continue the work done so far. With your support, Season Two coming soon..

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08 CL McLaughlin Gavan
McLoughlin, Gavan
My name is Gavan Mc Laughlin and I'm running to become your next MSU Campus Life Senator. I'm 19 years old and in my first year studying Law, Politics and Economics. As Campus Life Senator, I want to represent the interests of all students on campus; both the commuters and the students who live on campus. I've a number of initiatives in mind, including a proposal that would involve MSU incentivising students to clean up Maynooth campus, rather than to classify this community service purely as a punishment, through the use of vouchers etc. I am, however, always open to ideas. Having lived on campus for the past year and being from the Barren Lands of Donegal (6 hours away, so I'm not too fussed to travel), I feel well placed to ensure that Campus Life is enjoyable for all. I hope you give me the opportunity to do that.

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02 GC Guardino Ferran Mireia
Guardino-Ferran, Mireia

I am a 2nd year BA in International Development and Geography student and re-running for the Green Campus Senator position. I am an environmentalist, and a human and civil rights defender. I would like to make the SU and our campus a more sustainable place and keep up the work we have been doing with the very dedicated Green Campus Group. We have successfully replace most of cups in campus for compostable ones and from June all disposable items in the SU will need to be compostable. We are working behind the scenes to implement new waste segregation bins (so it is easier to segregate and recycle). We have applied successfully for An Taisce's Green flag for Maynooth University so we are very excited for the upcoming year. I am very aware of the challenges that our society faces with climate change issues and social justice but I believe that together, we can make a difference. 
Please, join me on this quest! Thanks, Go raibh maith agat and Gracias!

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03 GE Young Fiona
Young, Fiona
My name is Fiona Young and I’m in second year studying politics and geography. I decided to rerun for the position of gender equality senator because I feel I have a lot left to do. I really enjoyed being a member of senate and I’ve learned so much. If elected I know I can work with the other elected members to improve things on campus. My aim is to improve on services for men as well as women and to help bring in better services for trans and non binary students.
Snapchat: fionay96 and instagram: fionay96

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07 LGBT Fitzsimons Eion
Fitzsimons, Éoin
I am your current LGBT+ Senator and I would like to keep up all the work I've done this year. So far I have helped make progress on more gender neutral bathrooms and I have been working closely with the current welfare officer on a gender identity and expression policy which will really make a huge number of students lives easier. Next year I plan on working with the next welfare officer and making sure this policy is set in and upheld. I hope to keep up the spread of gender neutral bathrooms through campus and I want to better improve our health services like bringing down the cost of STI checks. So I hope to get your vote in the 13th of March..

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05 Hear Kenny Alannah
Kenny, Alannah
My name is Alannah Kenny and I am a second year Media Studies student at Maynooth University. I am running for HEAR Senator and I believe that people should vote for me because given the chance, I would use my own experience from HEAR and as a Launchpad Leader to ensure that you get the best out of your time in Maynooth. I would be honoured to give something back and be a voice for the HEAR programme on behalf of the student body..

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04 Dare Fanning Gavin
Fanning, Gavin
No text submitted.

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06 Ind Keenan Aine
Keenan, Aine

Hi my name is Aine Keenan and I'm a 1st year student studying International business and international development. Since starting college in Maynooth I have been very involved, I am the current academic rep for the international development class and I also sit on the students academic council. These have given me a great insight into the workings of the SU and I wish to get more involved. I very engaged with the student body as I am involved with the yoga, mental health and strength and fitness societies. Make sure to vote Keenan #1 March 13th. I'm KEEN to help you!

06 Ind Leonard Taylor
Leonard, Taylor
No text submitted.

06 Ind Walsh Cian
Walsh, Cian
Hi ! My names Cian Walsh, and im a first year arts student running for independent senator. I want to get more involved with the SU, as ive been active in societies such as the pride society which im on committee for, and think that because of this ive been engaged well with the student body. I believe id do a great job as independent senator so please vote me #1 !!.

06 Ind Ward Ross
Ward, Ross
Ross Ward( AKA Rosa Mac An Bhaird) from Crumlin in South Dublin(Commuter), active within charities such as DePaul Ireland and focus. Was an active member in Student Loans protest and Maynooth seating protest. Currently in 2nd year and studies Theoretical Physics and Computer Science. .

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