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Freshers Guide to the SU Building


The MSU Student Centre

The MSU Student Centre is a whole building dedicated to you- the student! You will find the SU Bar and Venue here along with a host of services just for you. The SU Officers also live here! You will find the MSU Student Centre on the North Campus near the Phoenix and Callan buildings.

MSU Info Centre:

The SU Info Centre is your one-stop-shop for all your student needs. If you have any questions or queries you can pop into Ann Marie and she will gladly help you out or point you in the right direction. Services available in the Info Centre include printing, binding, laminating student travelcard, stationery and merchandise. A chat and a welcome smile are also provided!

MSU Officers:

The SU Officers are also based in the Students’ Union Building. If you wish to see any of the officers you can pop into the SU Info Centre to see if they are available for a drop-in meeting or to arrange an appointment. Leon, Niamh, Aoife and Darragh were recently students just like yourself, so they can always relate and help you out in whatever way they can.

MU Clubs & Societies:

MU Clubs and Societies have their home on the first floor of the Students’ Union building- just follow the pink signage. Up here you will find our Clubs & Socs Administrators Mary Mc and Mary B who are always on hand to train, support and help ensure the smooth running of your club or society.  Clubs and Socs workspace, meeting rooms, storage and printing facilities are all here for your use, just ask “the Mary’s”.

MSU Bar & Venue:

Straight ahead and to the left of you as you enter the main double doors of the SU building is your SU Bar & Venue. The Bar serves food from early morning until late evening and has live entertainment most nights, ensuring it is the main social hub on campus. The Venue plays host to our large events during the year. Prices are student friendly and a warm welcome will always await you from Dec, Conor and the entire Barteam.

Chill Café:

The Chill café is located just inside the Info Centre entrance of the SU Building. Here you can grab a coffee, soft drink, smoothie, sandwich or salad in between classes. Chill is also open early to serve tasty breakfast options.


Your very own student radio station has its home here in the SU Building, so drop by and say hello to the Mars FM society. Maybe your career on the airwaves will start right here!

Londis Shop:

While your MSU Londis shop isn’t located in the SU Building it is run by our shop manager Brian Torley and his team on your behalf and you can find it in the John Hume building.

From Tea/Coffee, confectionery and drinks to household essentials, stationery, top-ups and bill pay services - you can “grab and go” and find it all in Londis. New for 2017/18 is “Smooch” so you can now get freshly made ice-cream and milkshakes on campus all year round. Yum!

Other Services:

It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make MSU tick, so you might even meet some of your own friends beavering away in MSU as we hire plenty of students to help us bring all of our services to you. From Events and Communications, to Democracy and Finance- your SU staff work hard to ensure that your Union is able to represent MU and SPCM students’ interests to the highest level. If you see any of us about just give us a wave!

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