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Fitting In

Fitting into this wonderful place

When you enter college it can be terrifying you think how could someone like you belong in this civilised supposedly adult utopia.

You tend to think everyone around you even your fellow first-years seem to gel so much quicker and are going to find their place while you're left to the sidelines.  You would be wrong.  You don't fit into Maynooth this place moulds itself around you.  It fits itself in a way that promotes growth of every one of your characteristics, skills and traits. Nobody is left out, everybody has a place year and all you have to do is realise it.

There is the risk of feeling defeated from the start, of assuming that you are outside/above/below or estranged from college life, and that shifting the focus solely on academia and getting that piece of paper at the end of your degree as your sole mindset is going to hold you back.  College is about the experiences outside of the lecture are the moments that shape who you are, and you will grow to be.

there's about 10,000 people here meaning you absolutely will meet people with similar passions, tastes & quirks.  40, computer games culminating, fishing, creeping, running, sneezing ect.  People come in every shape and every shape fits into this giant jigsaw. Excuse that horrendous metaphor but it's true!

Remember the each of your officers are representing you because they feel like they belong here, one nothing more than for you to belong as well.  Approach your students union team! Our mission is to make you LOVE your time here!

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