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Freshers Events


Well folks, at the heart of your Students Union, is our events and we have a massive Orientation and Freshers week in the making just for you guys. SO. MUCH. FUN. AHEAD.

We have big plans, but we know dollar doesnt come easy these days, so out of all Orientation Week and Freshers events, only TWO will be ticketed (thats because they will be HUGE!!!) Last year they sold out 36 hours after going on sale... You will meet people, make friends, get settled and party! HARD! SURE YE DESERVE IT! 

And if you cant stay the night (you totally should), there’ll be loads of epic daytime events every day at lunchtime. There will be a monstrous marquee filled with magicians, hypnotists, comedians and more. You’ll get to know EVERYONE!!! (Well... alot of people)

The Freshers Festival is all about getting STUCK IN to this place! Its about letting yourself get immersed in the vibrance and energy of this new and crazy environment! We have been meticulously drawing up plans all summer so that you get the best possible start to your college experience! <3

While nothing is set in stone yet and we're constantly endevouring to bring more and more to your Freshers Festival, we have a kind of outline as to how it should end up!

So first comes orientation week! It is frankly a very scary time in any college students life, where this sudden thrust into an unknown environment can make you wish you were at home, snuggled up by the tv with mammys dinner. But you must take this leap. Attend these events, and get to know people, college is SO full of fantastic and amazing people! 

ORIENTATION WEEK (Preliminary Line-up)

Sunday 14th Sep - 

Campus Welcome BBQ

Monday 15th Sep - 

Games Night - Insane Party Games!

Tuesday 17th -

Lock & Key Night! 

Wednesday 18th -

Shite Night with DJ DAMO

Thursday 19th -

County Colours!

Friday 20th - 

International Student Ceili!


FRESHERS WEEK (Preliminary Line-up)

Sunday 21st Sep - Welcome Back Party

500 Free Pizzas and Free Drinks for Everyone

Monday 22nd Sep - Freshers Opening Concert!

A Massive Free and Explosive opening night to get the party started!

Tuesday 23rd - THE BIG GIG

 (Big Act at Rediculously Good Price TBA) 

Wednesday 24th - The Annual Freshers Ball

(Instant sell-out, a MUST for incoming freshers)

Thursday 25th - Game of Thrones Night!

 (fancy dress ft. mystery members of the cast!)




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