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MSU Digital Badges

Maynooth Students’ Union (MSU) Digital Badges:

Digital Badges (sometimes referred to as open badges) are an online way to recognise the skills and achievements of Maynooth students. MSU are the first Students’ Union in Ireland to introduce such a system for rewarding it’s student representatives.

These Badges are a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest that can be earned in many learning environments. We at MSU have set up this system so we can recongise all your hard work and skills you obtained during your time as a rep

What are the Benefits of a Digital Badge?

As a student, you will be familiar with getting results from exams as a percentage grade, but how about getting a badge that proves you received training in student engagement? Or that you were involved in the local community? Or that you excelled in a particular task?

Those are the kinds of achievements that will not be captured on a results sheet, but which potential employers would be keen to see on your job application, and which would make your CV stand out from the crowd.

How do the Badges work?

Academic REPs in Maynooth University are invited to apply for the different Badges that are available. There are differing standards and criteria that must be met for each badge.

There are also certain badges that you earn for collecting others in the set- you can earn badges throughout your time in Maynooth. The badges currently available are:

Academic Rep Training
Career Development Badge
Communication Skill Badge
Community Development Badge
Development Training Badge
Event Engagement Badge
Faculty Council Reporting Badge
Gathering Representation Badge
Implementing Change Badge
Meet the Deans Badge
MSU Campaign Engagement Badge
MSU Committee Badge
NStEP Training Badge
Participation Badge
Problem Solving Badge
Project-Event Organizing
Student Senate Participation Badge
Student-Staff Liaison Committee Badge

Sharing Digital Badges:

A key aspect of digital open badges is that they are easily shared across various platforms. For example, you could add your badges to an ePortfolio, to your LinkedIn profile, or to any social networking site that you like!

After you earn your badge you will be sent information on how to download and share it.

How Digital Badges are issued:

An open standard was developed by the Mozilla Foundation, which sets out a framework for creating, issuing and validating the badges.

An element of this standard approach is that the digital badge contains meta-data along with the image of the badge. This meta-data contains information such as:

  • A description of the badge
  • Who issued the it
  • When it was issued
  • Who it was issued to
  • What criteria the recipient had to meet in order to obtain the badge

This validates the badge and ensures that only someone who has truly earned the badge can obtain and display it.

How do I apply?

MSU Academic REPs in Maynooth University are invited to apply for the different Badges that are available using the Application Forms linked above. Simply fill in a form for each badge that you want to earn ( All forms ask for different criteria so please read the form carefully). 
Once you have filled out the form send them back to this email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We here at MSU will then evaluate each form and determine whether you have met the criteria.
Once we decide you will then be sent your badge to claim via email where you can attach to your CV, Linked in, social media and many other platforms. The list is endless!! 
The deadline for application is Friday 4th of May before close of business (5pm) 


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