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How to set up a club or society


Do you feel like theres something missing from campus life? Have you an interest that’s not catered for by one of our many clubs and socities? Why not start up your own?! The process is easy to follow and the SU will be more than happy to help!


ideaThe first thing you need to have is an idea. It must be original and new and distinguishable from other Clubs and Societies that are already established. Remember that new Clubs and Societies will not be considered if they break college policies etc. promotion of alcohol.

electThis includes, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relation Officer, Events Manager etc. there must be at least 4 full time students on the committee and committee posts can only be filled by fully registered students of the college.

constitWith every Club and Society comes a constitution. This document sets out how the Club or Society should be run and will act as a set of rules for future committees. An example can be found on

membersFor a Club or Society to become recognised a 30 people member list must be added to the application. Please be advised that Clubs and Socs that are not fully recognised are not entitled to collect a €2 membership fee.

PLEASE VISIT MSULIFE.IE, DROP INTO THE CLUBS and SOCS OFFICE OR CONTACT DARRAGH DIRECTLY AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. FOR MORE INFO

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