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Who can I talk to?

meet siona


Here to help, here to listen.


Dia Dhaoibh! First of all, congratulations on your decision to come to Maynooth University – awesome choice, and we’re genuinely delighted to have you.


My name is Síona Cahill and I am your Student Union Welfare & Equality officer for 2014-15. I’m 22, hail from that fierce and deadly heart of the midlands known as Longford, and I have just graduated from a BCL in Civil Law and Sociology here at NUI Maynooth after 4 years, which included a year studying abroad in Boston College.


So how can I help? My office is a listening, information and referral service for all students who attend Maynooth University, regardless of whether you’re a fresher or back to education, where you’ve come from, what you’re studying, your background, religion, sexual orientation, politics, gender or anything else. It’s as simple as that. If you have a concern about college life, I’m here as a point of contact, so that you know you’re not facing any of your challenges alone.


University life is an incredible experience, but its also a journey, and that means that it ain’t always gonna be a smooth ride, for anyone. We’re here in the students union to support you through your academic time as a Maynooth University student, and whether its access to accommodation, financial assistance, a health concern, or you need a decent cup of Barry’s finest over a bit of exam anxiety, then you’ve found the place.


My vision this year is that our Union will celebrate student diversity, and represent you all across the university campus so that you’re time here is as hassle free as possible, and that regardless of what is going on outside the lecture hall or language lab, that there are resources and services to help you only a click, text, phone call, or office door away. Come in to see me sure!

Let’s face our challenges together.
Ar Scáth a Chéile a mhaireann na ndaoine.


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