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Sexual Health

Sexual Health And Guidance [SHAG]


Talking about ‘Sex’ can often be a bit of a tricky issue for many people, regardless of their age or experience. Our message? Stay safe, stay sexy, and stay protected *wink*.


No one should be pressured into doing anything they don’t feel comfortable with when it comes to sex and sexual relations with others, but if you are sexually active, its about knowing your boundaries, respecting your partner, and being as safe as possible.


Stay Safe & Sexy:

Head over to your MSU Welfare Officer, Síona, who has several types of condoms which can be collected for free from her office. This is for both guys and gals, regardless of sexual orientation, as different forms of protection are stocked in the union this year!

Just carry one.


Get tested!

Our University Health Centre provides Free STI checks on an appointment basis on our Maynooth campus. So know the score, get tested.


University Health Centre

Telephone/Appointments: (01) 708 3878
Location: Student Services Centre, North Campus (beside the John Hume building)

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30-12:45 & 14:00 – 16:45
(Emergency cases take priority over appointments)


Out of Hours Service
Phone Dr. Denis Gaffney’s surgery at (01) 629 1169 and listen to the recorded message carefully. Dr. Gaffney is in a rota with other doctors in the area. You will be advised which doctor is on duty and how to make contact with them.


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