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MSU Proposal for Dublin Bus to Campus

MSU Proposal to National Transport Authority
To: The National Transport Authority
From: Maynooth Students’ Union (MSU)
MSU calls on the National Transport Authority to extend the Dublin Bus 66 & 67 routes to the Maynooth University campus, increase the frequency of the said routes and consider creating new routes connecting areas of Dublin with Maynooth.
Maynooth University is a rapidly growing third level institution of 11,000 students and 800 staff. Just this year alone, First preference applications to Maynooth University have risen 12% to 4,037. It is also worth acknowledging that Maynooth town itself is also growing rapidly with a 16.6% increase in population between the years 2011 and 2016. As such, there is a greater than ever need for frequent, quality public transport services for the area.
As the NTA is currently holding the BusConnects project in order to reform and improve the Dublin Bus routes and services, MSU has decided to outline to the National Transport Authority its vision for Dublin Bus services that connect Maynooth to the rest of Dublin City.
Currently, the 66 & 67 routes’ final stop is in Maynooth town itself, about 10 minutes walk from Maynooth University. This is a unique case as other third level institutions serviced by Dublin Bus have stops right outside college gates or on-campus. While the 10 minutes walk may not sound like a big issue, it certainly is when it’s raining or for people with restricted mobility. There are already ample bus stop facilities in both Maynooth University campus and right outside it and once the Maynooth ring road is complete, the time added to the journey by the extension will be minimal due to lower traffic. MSU believes Dublin Bus should take advantage of that and extend their 66 & 67 routes to serve their Maynooth University student customers better.
An understandable downside of the above proposal is the increase in the amount of time it takes for a bus to complete the full route before the ring road is complete. MSU recognises that extending the route while keeping all else constant will result in a lower frequency of bus services for the route. Because of this and Maynooths’ rising student and residential population, MSU proposes that the National Transport Authority increase the amount of buses assigned to the 66 & 67 routes to increase frequency of the service.
MSU recognises that not all of our members live on the path of the 66 & 67 routes. Many, especially those living in the South Dublin area are forced to either take two Dublin Buses to get to college every day or use the services of the more expensive and less frequent private buses. This impacts negatively on their social life, academic performance and health. MSU calls on the National Transport Authority to investigate the possibility of creating more Dublin Bus routes connecting parts of Dublin to Maynooth. If such a study finds the need for additional routes, MSU urges the National Transport Authority to create them based on the recommendations of the study.
MSU believes that access to frequent, quality and rapid transport is essential for our members’ welfare. We urge the National Transport Authority to take the above recommendations on board to improve the lives of both Maynooth residents and Maynooth University students.
- Maynooth Students' Union
Credit: Julian Nagi.
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