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Things To Do


10 things to do around Maynooth:

  • Climb a building, iontas is nice and easy!
  • Say hi to Ben with a sticker on your face
  • Ask Siona for a condom
  • Have a cuppa tea on the SU
  • Have a golden week, (attend all your lectures/tutorials/labs etc)
  • Have a platinum week (attend all your lectures/labs/tutorials etc,  and go out every night!, go on you absolute Beast)
  • Count the number of times the lady in O briens says honey while you get a sandwich
  • Join a club or society
  • Attend a freshers week event at the SU bar
  • Attend an orientation week event in the marquee
  • Have a cup of tea or coffee in as many different places on campus (there is at least 9) (which one is best? Vote online!)
  • Like our facebook page (Maynooth Students’ Union (MSU) )


10 Things to do in lectures:

  • Pay attention
  • Count your lecturers repeated words (do they um, em, ah or say anything else repeatedly)
  • Start a doodle competition with your neighbour
  • Do an assignment for that module
  • Learn to read and write mirror writing, Da Vinci could and he was a proper genius! (might take a few lectures, maybe even a module or two :p )
  • Read this handbook
  • Write a note on how the lecturer could spice up the lecture, it could help you with public speaking too!
  • Meditate, first off learn to meditate!
  • Read the entire Wikipedia section for your subject.
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