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Fresh Welcome




Gahhhhh!!! Do you know how lucky you guys are!? Seriously! We would give anything to be in your shoes. Sure, the first two weeks can be nerve wrecking, overwhelming and the tidal wave of newfound can send you into a state of ‘I want to be home with my mammy’ syndrome but once you begin to let the vines of Maynooths’ cherished earth envelope you, and you become a real Maynoothian legend, then you will understand the true wealth of life experiences ahead of you.


We would trade anything to be where you are, seriously, we will pay you to swap so we can do it all again. The nerve wrecking Orientation week where you question whether you’ll survive, the bombastic and frankly life altering epicness of Freshers Week, the Halloween Ball Monster Mash, the Christmas Festival (actually better than real Christmas), the Beach Ball oh and all the knowledge you’ll soak up in the mean time. Go to your lectures, go out, meet people and make friends. These are our command. Whether it be the person sitting beside you on orientation day, or the people you end up commuting or living with lifelong friends will come from everywhere.



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