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Fresh Welcome

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Gahhhhh!!! Do you know how lucky you guys are!? Seriously! We would give anything to be in your shoes. Sure, the first two weeks can be nerve wrecking and overwhelming but they can also be fun and exciting as we pull out all the stops to entertain you and help you make new friends. Here's what you can expect...

Orientation Week (Sept 11-14) 

What can I expect?
This is basically your Welcome Week; you will get your Student Card (say cheese!), meet your new classmates, find out more about the many MU services, get the tour and know where you have to be on the first day of lectures but most importantly- you’ll get to meet your Students’ Union officers! MU has a comprehensive Orientation process, so you will be visiting many parts of the campus. Keep an eye out for an official letter from the University which will tell you when you need to show up.

Any Tips?
Your student card will stay with you for a long time, so make sure you take a few minutes to look your best for your Inductions Day as your picture will be taken as part of the registration process! Your Student Officers can be found in their offices, which are located in the Student Union Building along with your Student Bar, Venue and Info Centre. Please pop on down to see us if you have any problems or questions, or even just to say hello!

What's On:
Monday 11 September
 > Comedian, Alison Spittle (Lunch Time, SU Stretch tent)
 > Toga Party (Night Time, SU Venue, Free Event)

Tuesday 12 September
 > Comedian, The 2 Johnnies (Lunch Time, SU Stretch tent)
 > Lock and Key Night (Night Time, SU Venue, Free Event)

Wednesday 13 September
 > Mentalist (Lunch Time, SU Stretch tent)
 > Bingo Loco (Night Time, SU Venue, Free Event)

Thursday 14 September
 > Magician (Lunch Time, SU Stretch tent)
 > County & Country Colours Night (Night Time, SU Venue, Free Event)


Freshers' Week (Sept 18-21) 

What can I expect?
The events at Orientation Week were just a taster for what is to come during Freshers'! All the MU students will be back on site this week, so you will really get a taste for what University life is all about. We have been beavering away on putting together a class lineup of entertainment for every single night, not to mention the 3 main events; The Comedy Night, The Big Gig and The MSU Freshers’ Ball.

Any Tips?
Get your tickets early! The Big Gig and the Freshers’ Ball are always the hottest shows in town and are guaranteed to sell out, so don’t be disappointed. Also, make sure you keep your ID on you as the Bar and Venue are licensed premesis, so the same rules apply as in any other establishment. Apart from that- Get Involved! We’re really looking forward to meeting you all during Freshers’ Week – so come along, take part in some of the events and let’s make the party happen!

What's On:
Monday 18 September
 > Mariachi Band (Lunch Time, SU Stretch tent)
 > Way Too Many DJs (Night Time, SU Venue, Free Event)

Tuesday 19 September
 > Comedian, Al Foran (Lunch Time, SU Stretch tent)
 > The BIG Quiz (3pm, SU Bar)
 > The Big Gig (Night Time, SU Venue, Tickets €17.50):
- The Academic
- Tim Chadwick
- Gypsies on the Autobahn

Wednesday 20 September
 > Comedian, Rory Stories (Lunch Time, SU Stretch tent)
 > The Freshers' Ball (Night Time, SU Venue, Tickets €17.50):
- Blonde
- Chasing Abbey

Thursday 21 September
 > Hypnotist (Lunch Time, SU Stretch tent)
 > Comedy Night (Night Time, SU Venue, Tickets €10.00):
- Neil Delamere
- Gearoid Farelly
- Chris Kent

Keep an eye on the Facebook Event Page for all the latest News about Freshers' Fortnight!

We would trade anything to be where you are, seriously, we will pay you to swap so we can do it all again! The nerve wrecking Orientation week, the bombastic and frankly life altering epicness of Freshers Week, the Halloween Ball Monster Mash, the Christmas Festival (actually better than real Christmas), the Beach Ball... oh and all the knowledge you’ll soak up in the mean time.

Go to your lectures, go out, meet people and make friends. Whether it's the person sitting beside you on orientation day, or the people you end up commuting or living with- lifelong friends will come from everywhere.



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