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Who can I talk to?


Eric Lawless - Vice President for Clubs, Societies and Union Development

Eric is your Vice President for Clubs, Societies and Union Development. He will be happy to assist you on anything you may need. She can direct you towards Clubs and Societies you may have an interest in. Hear him roar!



Do you want to start up your own club/society, join an existing one or do you really just want to get involved? You’re in the right place! Maynooth is host to over 100 different Clubs and Societies and they are fundamental part of the University experience here in Maynooth. The remarkable thing about this whole operation is that it is driven and inspired by YOU the students of Maynooth! There is no better way on campus to meet new people and make all those life-long friends.


What’s my role you ask?

The Clubs, Societies and Student Engagement Officer is the go-to person for information on students’ favourite clubs/societies and not to mention the simple tips on how to get involved in the sheer banter that Maynooth has to offer. The role oversees the set up new exciting clubs and societies and provides you with all the opportunities you need to join in the fun of an existing one that is right for you.



This position is vital in the role of Maynooth Students' Union. Chairing the meetings of Clubs and Societies Council and listening to the voices of the Clubs and Societies Committees to ensure your voice as a member is heard. It is then the job of the officer to be your advocate in meetings with the powers that be i.e. Capitation committee to ensure you have the best opportunities to develop and succeed as a club or society. This position works closely with the student engagement officer of the university to ensure that you are having the time of your life here in Maynooth and keeping active within the university.



This ladies and gents is the word used to describe the money behind the operation! The capitation committee has to obtain and distribute funding for all of these fun organisations making sure each are funded properly and fairly. The committee has the task of analysing all of the capitation applications. Need advice on filling out these applications don’t hesitate to ask! 

Training and Management.

As part of the role, I manage the training and support for committees to help them get the most out of their year in charge for the benefit of their members.  Deciding the end of year winners at the Clubs and Societies Awards by running the league table at Maynooth Students’ Union is something which I am privileged to do. The league table helps monitor growth, activity, progress and providing recognition to committees for the good work they do.


You losing concentration? Well wake up! This is a whole new world of activity you can’t even begin to conceive until you get involved!! Anything you can think of generally has its own club or society, and if there is none, then get up and set one up yourself! Champion the foundation of a new club or society and be forever heralded in its history as founder. Do not let this aspect of student life slip past you. The friendships, bonds, teamwork and experiences are unique to Clubs & Socs and indeed Maynooth! Get involved and get stuck in!


Excited to be working for and with you guys!



My office can be contacted anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call into the office 9:30a.m. - 5:00p.m., Monday to Friday.

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